Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mourning for my Towel: The Dream

I know there is a bunch of regulars following this blog, and like all introverts, I get really excited when someone pays attention to what I say; specially because I don't say much. Anyway, I get easily excited about pretty much anything, so for those who know me this wasn't a big revelation. But, thank you.

I wanted to get you all sentimental because I won't probably get many comments on this one, and if I do they will probably be to tell me how lame I am.

Anyway, this was a sad week to me (someone please put the sarcasm sign up). I left a (pink) towel in the bathroom -which I share with another two people- and the next morning it wasn't there. I have discussed this with my flatmates and none of us has been able to give a reasonable explanation. Many theories were made: the wind, a possible ghost, a pervert, or me never having a towel, as if this was a crappy version of the Sixth Sense where I sometimes see towels when they're not there.

Anyway, that is the kind of thing that annoys me a lot. Not in the getting mad way, not even for the fact of losing a poor quality towel, but for the fact that I can't explain what happened. I don't care if it was stolen or if it spontaneously bursted into flames. I just can't live with uncertainty, it bugs me so much. And why am I telling you all this? Because of course, I dreamed with it. My subconscious mind tried to solve my problem by giving the towel back to me.

The thing is that, my subconscious mind has a weird concept of solving problems, so when I dream about getting my towel back, it couldn't have been in a normal way. In the dream I am in a park, with white sky and yellow grass, and there is an incredibly beautiful light. I am there, standing, and suddenly a big group of pink rabbits surrounds me and one of them -I assume it was the leader- hands me back my towel in what seems almost like a biblical ceremony. 

Unfortunately, I haven't received the visit of any rabbit so far in real life, so I'm betting on the Spontaneous (Towel) Combustion theory. Any other theories you might want to share with me? You know what to do.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Scary dead ladies and my wonderful new bed

The dreamer's block is officialy over!

I was having the most interesting dream today, a bit little the Gangster Dream I posted before, but I woke up right in the middle of the story -had to go pee, sorry!- and then I wasn't able to get back on the dreaming mood. But it was so incredibly vivid, and I remember a scared brunette hiding in a corner.

Anyway. As I promised, here is Kym's recurrent dream. It's not a long story, but definitely a creepy one, and I tried to reflect that in my drawing. It probably doesn't look like the one in the dream, but it's also interesting how I could build a story around her, making it my own; with her ruby earrings (her favorites) and amber, evil eyes.

Since it is recurring, some theories might suggest that there's some issue that is bothering you from a long time ago, maybe has to do with something from the past more than something that can relate to yourself, and that you feel constrained by. There are also some interesting facts, like the one where she is only in that room, and gone when you enter. But since I'm no dream interpreter (yet), and don't want to sound like a tarotist, I'll just copy Kym's story here as well as the drawing I did for it.

P.s: as you can see, if your dreams are interesting enough, please, please share them with me (and the rest of the readers) and maybe I'll get some inspiration from them!

Kym's Recurrent Dream

 It is so hard to explain...I am in an old house, which is always a seven story old home, with many rooms and floors, really big. The very top floor and tiny room above has an old dead scary woman inside of it, which is always the same one.

I am the only one in the home who knows she is there. She is always calling to me in my  head and I can sneak peeks of her. She is dead, but can move around only in that room. Most times I'm afraid of entering the room, when I do she's usually gone, but prior to entering the room she is moving around.

Nobody believes me in my dream that there is a dead woman up in the room in this home.Same dream over and over.

Once again....share your dreams, comments and suggestions below! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dreamer's Block

It's been a while. 

You know that feeling when you have something to tell, but you can’t remember? That’s what’s happening to me right now. Not that I haven’t dreamed, but I just can’t remember anything but a big, white blank in my head. I think it might be because all the stress I've been having lately, or a punishment from my brain for actually listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” before going to sleep, and actually liking it a bit. Of course, not in the way that I like Aerosmith, Jeff Buckley , Stone Temple Pilots or my dear Smashing Pumpkins (and, yes, I’m proud to be from the 90s generation), but in the way that I’m really craving out some good night out with some half-drunken crazy dances with my lady friends. This sentence was way too long and not well written, but sometimes verborreic days happen, where I have too many thoughts crossing my mind so I need to write fast while I hyperventilate, just like Nicki Minaj in most of her songs.

But because I want to have some crazy dream to tell you, my dear little followers and the rest of cybernetic acquaintances –that word is not easy-  that might end up here reading this chaotic article full of arrogant words, I’m going to try to put my book about dreaming and its interpretations, and try several methods that appear there, most of which have to do with emptying your mind before sleeping. I am really jealous of all those girls doing hair tutorials, make up tutorials, nail art tutorials, outfit tutorials and tutorials of all kinds that I like watching when I want to feel a bit feminine.  And I say “a bit” because I’m not interested in putting them to practice, but just to remember myself that I have a girlie side sometimes too.

Ps: Leave Star Wars alone!! It’s not geeky anymore thanks to the latest hipster trends and all those dreadful so-called “fashion addicts” who have no idea of the importance of Qui-Gonn Jinn. Let’s hope H&M won’t print out Saruman t-shirts.

Ps.II: As some of you know, this week I moved to Denmark and have been busy settling in and being with my boyfriend, who came to visit, so no new drawings this week. However, I wanted to share some pics of my new (and pretty nice) room to immortalize it before it gets messy. I hope I will go back to my normal dreaming routine soon, anyway, if my dreams keep blocked I still have some time to draw two other guest dreams I've saved in case of emergency.

Ps III: I couldn't bring my pro- camera or my color pencils, so I'll just be drawing in watercolor for some time and uploading crappy pictures. Sorry for that, but it will just have to be an "eco" blog, as Jamie would say.