Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolutions and Childhood Drawings

Long time no see, dear inhabitants of my blog!

I am so sorry I haven't had that much time to update this, I've had some crazy days -and still am really busy-. Anyway, there is a lot of new dreams coming up and ready to be posted, as well as some collaborations from a friend who makes amazing drawings. But today I wanted to share one of my other hobbies: making lists.

I love making lists about everything. Shopping list, wish list, things-to-do before I’m too old list, shows I follow list, movies to watch, music to listen, places to travel, stupid hairdos to learn, etc. So, I couldn’t skip posting my Fabulous and Updated New Year’s Resolution List! ( I hope that the pressure of sharing it with you people will help me cross it all out).

1. Start my own life. I will be moving to Denmark (again) by the end of January, to study a Master. It   will be a new city, a new home, with new people and a weird, unpronounceable language.

2. Improve my back posture. This year I realized that I have to take care of my back, or I will start having more serious problems than I already have. For this, I have been developing a Posture Plan, which includes a list of songs (another list) that, when being listened to, make me not only walk as if I was a stiff catwalk model (or that is how I like to imagine myself), but also feel cool and confident in a little bit arrogant way, as in sunglasses commercials. If you need to learn how to walk with your back in a straight position, it might help. If you just want to listen to music, it might help too.

3. Travel! Travel! Travel!!  Travel to places I’ve never been before, and travel to the US to see my family there. They are very much missed.

4. Be efficient with money and save up a bit to go on crazy shopping sprees without having a bad conscience.

5. Be healthier. I have already started with this resolution, but I just have to keep it up.

6. Keep in touch with my family and friends. Since I have many loved ones scattered around the world, I think I’ll be good at this, but I hope they all want to keep in touch with me too!

7. Get to be proficient in both French and Danish. One of the goals in my life is being able to speak as many languages as possible, so I hope this is the year where I can finally say I speak four languages fluently.

8. Buy more appropriate socks and lose less hairpins (what’s wrong with hairpins?!?!)

9. Read more!! I love reading but I always postpone it. I will try to read (at least) 33 books this year. Why 33? Because it’s the result of 20+13. Stop looking at me like that, I needed a number! Also, I should try to focus on one book at a time. I currently have 9 next to my bed. 

10. Improve this blog. Not talking much about promo, since I don’t really care about that, but I do want to offer more and better content, so I hope you’ll be happy with the outcome of this. 

... and finding the Perfect Muffin Recipe. My first ones exploded inside the oven, but I've gotten better.


This is a drawing from when I was a kid that I recently found, seems like my obsession with muffins is not new. I will soon be posting more of them since some are hilarious. I am so glad that my mom didn't have me tested back then, I clearly had some issues.

There is of course many other things I want to do, but resolutions should be kept short, and prioritized, or else they will just fade. All the rest will be considered extra achievements to my greater glory.

Now, do you also have some resolutions for 2013? You're more than welcome to share.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

How I found out the truth about Christmas

Today we decorated the Christmas tree at home and it reminded me of when I found out...well, you know...the truth about Santa/ Three Kings... *please put your kids away of this blog*.

I accidentally opened the closet in the guests bedroom, and it was packed with bags, through which I could see some toy boxes, that I recognized as the toys that I had written down on my letter to the Three Kings -because in Spain, it's the Three Kings day that we celebrate the most-. Anyway, I started screaming and shouting and ran to my mom to ask her what the hell was going on in that closet. It of course didn't need much explanation and I connected the dots pretty fast. But instead of explaining anything, my mom came to the guests bedroom, closed the closet and we had the following conversation (approx.)

Mom: Okay, nothing happened here. Go to the living room and come back in 10 minutes.
Me: NO!! NO!! NO!! 
Mom pushes me out. I wait outside and I can hear the sound of paper and plastinc and how she's manipulating the boxes. After ten minutes, she calls me in, and opening the closet, she says:

Mom: See? The boxes are empty!! I...erm...just...took them out of the trash'm taking them to the church for charity...!
Me: You're lying!! Why would poor people want the boxes and not the toys inside?
Mom: Now that's it! Calling me a liar? You go to your room and stop trying to be smarter than me!

And this is how my mom tried to preserve my innocence, and how we both kept ignoring the fact that I knew the truth -I was secretly afraid that, if I openly said I didn't believe, my parents wouldn't have the obligation to give me Christmas presents anymore-.

If you have any experience to share about how you found out? Put it in the comment box below!!

Anyway, since I'm going to an isolated house for the weekend, so far from everything that not even the end of the world would reach that place, I thought I should wish you all Merry Christmas since I might not make another post before that time.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Flash Mondays: Simply Stalking

We sometimes don't remember more than just an image from our dreams, without plot or anything else. For example, the other day I woke up and remembered an image of myself combing my hair trying to go blonder, but nothing else.

Anyway, I decided to recicle those dream-frames and turn them into a weekly (I will try!) section, called Flash Mondays. The first one is dedicated to my fellow blogger Jamie from the Weird 'n' Wonderful blog, because his hilarious comments had to finally have their own space here.

So, here you have Mick Hucknall from Simply Red beeing creepy at Jamie's window. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Dead Vice-President in the Snow

I know this title sounds a bit scary...I can't help it! If you thought my blog was always going to be about roses, unicorns, and crazy Nicolas Cage, you were wrong! I was actually not so enthusiastic about this post since I myself consider it a little bit of bad taste some parts of what I dreamed. Let's say, I'm embarrased of dreaming some things. But since I committed to posting my dreams, almost with a "no-matter-what" policy, I rather tell them how they are than turn them all into happy or fun dreams. I want my blog to be authentic. This is not entirely a Dickens story, though, so don't worry. Anyway, even if it's not completely appropriate, here it goes:

I dreamed it was all snowy and white, and that the Vice President of Spain was my friend, and that she was dating a former co-worker of mine. We were all a happy group and one day, she ate some necoras (special kind of crab) in bad state, and she died right there in the snow. Darth Vader was there for some reason, but in the background -maybe she was going to the dark side?-. I was particularly affected by her death in the dream, it appeared in every newspaper, and I can remember myself crying a lot about it.

Then, I picture myself in her funeral, and the reverend is the cute black guy from CSI, Gary Dourdan. So, we were all listening to him, and suddenly a flamenco band stands up and starts singing some happy, gypsy song. I consider it totally disrespectful, and stand up myself and yell at them a: SHUT THE F*** UP! And then I leave as if I was a teenager whose parents told her to put on a longer skirt before going to prom. (I still think that, even if I overreacted dramatically in the dream, I had the right reason to do it). Anyway, the rest of the people in the church don't seem to think the same as me, and they think that what I did was absolutely inappropriate, and they force me to apologize to Gary Dourdan after the funeral is over.

And no, I didn't draw that much this week (the crab is mine, though) but I did use her real image, and feel a bit bad about it, since it feels a bit like voodoo. It's just how it crossed my mind when I tried to picture it, including the collage-style. I will feel better with myself if I add that I don't desire any harm for her -in fact it's one of the few politicians I take seriously-.

I am interested to know if any of you has previously had dreams where people died, whether they were close to you or not. I have had maybe one or two, long time ago, where I even woke up really scared. Have you? Do you also get weird "cameos" in your dream as I do?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tea Time in Fargo with Steve Buscemi

So, I dreamed with Steve Buscemi. After Kevin Spacey and James Spader, he might be one of my favorite actors. And no, Taylor Lautner is not on the fourth place. So, as you can imagine, it was a honor to dream with him. 

After some busy days and some cumbia dancing, I was tired and for some reason I remembered a scene of Fargo, the movie, and wanted to replay it to make sure of some random fact that I wasn't sure about -which I don't remember now-. Anyway, that's the reason I dreamed I was in Fargo with Steve Buscemi.

We were in a cute igloo-ish cafe, and I was drinking tea, as you can see (gloves from the XIXth century included), and we started talking about Guitar Hero, and he started teasing me about how I couldn't reach five stars in my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song. What a jerk. In the picture, I tried to draw him giving me a condescending look, but all I could do is make it look as if he was looking down to my cleavage. As for why Steve has a parrot in his shoulder, I have no idea, but it's so cute! And that's pretty much all I remember.

Apart from that, I have been wondering if I should start writing about other thoughts that cross my mind. I still want to do my dreams, but sometimes I would like to write a little bit more often, and share other kind of thoughts. If there is some marketing expert reading this; please skip the "but you need to have a defined message you send to the public"  part, and any other brand management principles. I am too lazy to start another blog just for some random thoughts like what kind of songs would Aragorn post to Arwen's wall if they were to have Facebook, or how funny I think this pterodactyl is, or even how much I like to sing this in a loud voice while holding a hairbrush because of how awesome the lyrics of this song are (seriously, give it a listen!). For that, and other reasons I think I might make non-dream posts in the future, with or without drawings. 

Any opinions on this or the dream, or about something in particular? Post a comment below :)

It's really fun to look embarrassed all the time
Like you could never cut the mustard with the big boys
I really don't know who the fuck you think you are
Can I please see your license and your registration?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blog Birthday part II: Daydreaming Guest Post

I have been really excited about this post, since I have never had any daydreaming featured here. It was written by Nyira, from the blog "Being Plum", which is by the way a great blog to find some interesting beauty products with great quality. I mention this not to spam you people, but because I find that many beauty/ fashion blogs don't care that much about the quality of the products, but about how fancy they are. That being said...

...I loved drawing this. I know it won't resemble to Jimi, the cat she talks about, or even to the story she tells us about, but I really got into the sci-fi mood. Right after I read it, I remembered Mojo Jojo, the super evil villain of the Powerpuff Girls (I'm such a big fan of them!) and the idea of having animals taking over us seemed very attractive. It was really fun to wonder about the "secret lives" of what seems so different, of those things around us we don't pay attention to because they're not human: toys, plants, animals...I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you enjoyed my first month blogging. And since my last posts haven't been done by me, I have some dreams from this past week that I haven't told you about yet, but that I'm so excited about sharing. I should stop the talk now, here comes the day dream! Enjoy :)

Jimi's Secret

I have a cat, one cat, not many like a crazy cat lady. His name is Jimi, after Jimi Hendrix. Sometimes when we're home alone I catch him looking at me and tracking me as I walk across the room. Then when I look at him, he looks uninterested and licks him paw or his leg. I keep walking and he moves into a position where he can keep looking at me. Sometimes he'll appear at a half open door while I'm on my way out of the room and give me a fright.

Anyway, today at work, I found myself a little bit bored and staring at my computer screen and I started imaging a large facility underground or in an industrial part of town. The kind of place nobody thinks about, the perfect place for underground experiments. One such involving animals and humans swapping bodies. What if my cat was really called Jimi, as a person, I mean and he was either reincarnated, or yet more sisterly, transplanted into my cat's body. That might be why he starts at me, possibly to get my attention or wondering why I hadn't noticed and done something about his situation. What if he was sent here to gather intelligence on me? Not sure that on earth he'd discover other than me talking to myself in Spanish or Italian when I think no one is around (the fact that I wait until no one is a sign I'm not crazy? Right?!). I thought about all the times I'd call his name and he'd meow, this would go on 5, 6, 7 or more times in a row. He has to be trying to communicate with me or something. Just then My boss walks up and says "Hi!" rather loudly it makes me jump and I involuntarily start clicking my mouse no knowing what I'm clicking on. Oh well, Jimi will reveal his secret one of these days.

Special Thanks to: Being Plum

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Birthday, Talking cats, and more!

After one week without any news - I know you didn't miss me so please don't act like you did, I won't buy it-, I decided that, not only it was time to write again, but to make a special post to celebrate this blog’s first month. For that purpose, I decided that I wanted to have some guest post stories, because I want this blog to be a place where everyone can share their dreams, no matter how weird they are. Because everyone has a little weird someone in their brains that works at night. This is the blog where those little weird someones can express themselves!

It turned out to be a great experience. The two stories I’ll be publishing are really interesting, and drawing them has been a challenge, since after all, I didn’t dream them, and they probably don’t resemble the original dream at all (sorry!). BUT it has been incredibly fun, and a big inspiration. Besides, some coincidences have taken place: both dreams feature a cat in them, the same week my cat has died. The first of the dreams –that I drew before my cat died- looks like a funeral; and the second cat shares name with my –now dead- cat. Without further ado, here comes the first dream, by Hotei, from the blog “Any More Than a Whisper”. Enjoy!!

The Talking Cat Dream, by Hotei.

It all started when I ventured myself into a parking lot, lost. I did not know the area and did not recognize the buildings! The buildings were painted yellow and white. In this parking lot I noticed a guy (I know him) rummaging in clothes in a small car "a (W) beetle" until a friend of him ...he called her "Anna", called him. - I later discovered his best friend in the real world was named Anna, pretty freaky shit, huh?! -.

Well, she told him to come and not to talk to strangers -meaning "Me"- (Bitch!!!). I wandered for a long time and found myself in an old area full of old houses and a chapel where people where gathering wearing black. There I found my friend again, but the more I approached him, the more he went towards the crowd until disappearing into it, just giving me the chance to grab his arm. He looked at me and said "Just leave...NOW" ...I ran away in despair (Drama Queen!).

Found myself in a known the old capital where I work...wandered in the empty roads and found myself looking down to the city from over the bastions...the view was not the one I was used to ...I was looking to a big city a city I did not if the old capital had been moved to a different location...all of a sudden a small, fat, ginger, blue-eyed kitten came to me from the edge of the bastion walls. I picked the little creature and felt somehow safe...this kitten told me to take him home...and so I did. I got into my car and drove and drove for ages but the buildings were constantly changing and I could not recognize many of them... I finally made it home,  to an empty home where time seemed to have was cold and started to get dark ....the cat said to me: "I'm finally home".

Special thanks to Hotei for the inspiration to this drawing. If any of you also want your dreams to be featured here, leave a comment below! If you want to say how much you like my blog, also leave a comment below. If you don't have anything nice to say, leave a comment below too. Hope I made it clear!