Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blog Birthday, Talking cats, and more!

After one week without any news - I know you didn't miss me so please don't act like you did, I won't buy it-, I decided that, not only it was time to write again, but to make a special post to celebrate this blog’s first month. For that purpose, I decided that I wanted to have some guest post stories, because I want this blog to be a place where everyone can share their dreams, no matter how weird they are. Because everyone has a little weird someone in their brains that works at night. This is the blog where those little weird someones can express themselves!

It turned out to be a great experience. The two stories I’ll be publishing are really interesting, and drawing them has been a challenge, since after all, I didn’t dream them, and they probably don’t resemble the original dream at all (sorry!). BUT it has been incredibly fun, and a big inspiration. Besides, some coincidences have taken place: both dreams feature a cat in them, the same week my cat has died. The first of the dreams –that I drew before my cat died- looks like a funeral; and the second cat shares name with my –now dead- cat. Without further ado, here comes the first dream, by Hotei, from the blog “Any More Than a Whisper”. Enjoy!!

The Talking Cat Dream, by Hotei.

It all started when I ventured myself into a parking lot, lost. I did not know the area and did not recognize the buildings! The buildings were painted yellow and white. In this parking lot I noticed a guy (I know him) rummaging in clothes in a small car "a (W) beetle" until a friend of him ...he called her "Anna", called him. - I later discovered his best friend in the real world was named Anna, pretty freaky shit, huh?! -.

Well, she told him to come and not to talk to strangers -meaning "Me"- (Bitch!!!). I wandered for a long time and found myself in an old area full of old houses and a chapel where people where gathering wearing black. There I found my friend again, but the more I approached him, the more he went towards the crowd until disappearing into it, just giving me the chance to grab his arm. He looked at me and said "Just leave...NOW" ...I ran away in despair (Drama Queen!).

Found myself in a known the old capital where I work...wandered in the empty roads and found myself looking down to the city from over the bastions...the view was not the one I was used to ...I was looking to a big city a city I did not if the old capital had been moved to a different location...all of a sudden a small, fat, ginger, blue-eyed kitten came to me from the edge of the bastion walls. I picked the little creature and felt somehow safe...this kitten told me to take him home...and so I did. I got into my car and drove and drove for ages but the buildings were constantly changing and I could not recognize many of them... I finally made it home,  to an empty home where time seemed to have was cold and started to get dark ....the cat said to me: "I'm finally home".

Special thanks to Hotei for the inspiration to this drawing. If any of you also want your dreams to be featured here, leave a comment below! If you want to say how much you like my blog, also leave a comment below. If you don't have anything nice to say, leave a comment below too. Hope I made it clear!


  1. Oh no my weird works the whole time I just rarely remember the night bits... mainly due to the influence of alcohol. Sorry to hear about your cat btw and hope your head has fully recovered from the glass incident. Nice blog Hotei lol, does the picture look like how you imagined it? PS Andre you've got to leave it at least 2 weeks before the missing phase kicks in, oddly enough absence makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to blogging (for me anyway)

    1. Unfortunately not everyone has a little weird guy as active as yours! Don't worry about my head, it never worked perfectly well, so I don't know if you could call it a recovery, BUT! I don't have a bump anymore! About the 2 weeks, is that what you're trying to do with your blog to make us readers go into that phase, or is your weird guy still hangover?

    2. Well yesterday the Weird Guy was recovering from a hangover, the rest of the time I've been quite busy (it was my last weekend at home this year so I had to get the drinking hang outs out of the way). I shall be blogging sometime this week I just don't really set myself a schedule as it's hardly a serious blog (I can't think of why I actually do one... the only excuse is it's a bit of a silliness release so I can be serious when I need to be like now when I'm at work supposed to be working). My blog posting depends mainly on whether there's anything interesting to write about/ if I'm away etc. Glad your head's better :-)

  2. This is freaky!!!! the buildings look just as in my dream!!!! (are you a medium or something????) the cat looks kinda like the one in my dream only in my dream it was hummm...smaller (a kitten) and chubby!!! lool ^^

    But well done! amazing to put so much info in one piece of drawing and picture it so well !!

    I want to congratulate you again and thanks for hosting and posting the weird stuff that goes in my head :P

    And btw Happy First "monthversary" ^^

    1. Well I already talked to you and you know how grateful I am for your collaboration, but anyway I'm really glad you liked my drawing and enjoyed being featured here. I might think about becoming a medium, yeah! I heard the money is not so bad :D

      Thanks once again, Hotei!