Monday, November 26, 2012

Gangster Dreams

This has been one busy weekend full of random stuff, both in real life and in my dreams. I went out, and even though someone dropped a glass from the upper floor and hit my head, I had a blast. And now I have an enormous bump. Aw, just like when I was a three year old kid. New bumps in my head every week! I spent sunday taking care of my cat and looking at Nicolas Cage funny pictures. Found out that I'm not the only one who likes to mock him. Anyway, I think this has turned into an addiction since I've started saving them on my computer for a purpose I'm not even sure yet. 

Advice: if you ever plan on making a film, hire him. He's known for not turning down any role, and you can find some examples of his best interpretations here, here or here. 

Talking about my dreams, I have noticed a pattern lately. Most of my dreams now consist on something being stolen. I did talk about the Stolen Wallet dream very briefly, as there wasn't much else to say. On friday, I dreamed with a lady who wanted to steal food from my house (is this a warning about what will happen in Spain?) and a guy that went into my mom's bedroom to steal her jewellery while I was taking care of the lady who wanted some food. He didn't succeed though, because I locked him up in the bedroom after threatening his life by pointing him with a fork. (If I get a thief into my house one day, I probably won't try to scare him away with a fork, though, it might not work).

But the dream that I chose for this post was special. Not the funniest, weirdest, scariest, or most interesting...but it was in black and white. How awesome is that?!?

It looked like it was a movie David Lynch would've produced if he had been working in the 50's decade. It's about a prostitute who lived at the end of a street, and wasn't allowed by the local gang to move out from there to be together with the other people. She just sat on the sidewalk waiting for her customers. One day, there is something that drives the attention of everyone away from the prostitute, and she escapes, stealing a valuable package from the others that will make her have enough money to travel far enough. Everyone gets really mad when they figure out what happened, but she is already gone. In fact, she's in a little town really close to the sky. (Yes, the sky). There is cotton-like clouds on the pavement or on top of the trees, and everything looks so pretty. She meets someone else, and is happy until the people from who she stole the package find her. They try to chase her, but she enters a labyrinth full of toilets, and that's where I wake up.


  1. With all that creativity in your head have you ever considered writing a book? Or is it only in the dream world it comes alive? I hope this dream returns, if not could you try writing the rest of the story? Is your head any better today btw?

    1. I haven't really considered it, since I just started writing this blog so that all that involuntary creativity didn't go to waste and so that I could have some dream archive for fun. Didn't even think I would be answering comments or having people reading it :)

      I hope it returns, for writing the end of the story, wouldn't it be cheating? And my head is still hurting, but apparently the Dream Area didn't suffer any damage since last night I had a great dream :)

    2. Well if you ever do get dream area brain damage or just lack a dream for a while you could always go back to each of your dreams and try to write endings for the stories. Dreams are frustrating when you wake up just when it's getting good and hope that the dream returns to see how it ends :-)

  2. I always have such crazy vivid dreams as well. It's good you use this for your writing material and artwork.
    I love the girl she's very mysterious.

    I found you th.rough Better Blogging Network

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment, Denise! I used to draw much more when I was little and somehow wanted to bring it back again, and dreams are a great source of inspiration!

      I searched you on BBN, and ended up suscribing to your blog; your work is good!