Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dinosaur Dream

So this is the dream that gives the name to my blog...I'm sorry about the lack of coherence but if I had any interest in being coherent I wouldn't have chosen to keep a dream journal. Here it goes!

I open the main door. The fat guy from Jurassic Park is there, next to the stairs and wearing a blue hawaiian shirt. He mumbles something, and I can see he's nervous but I don't pay much attention because I hated him in the movie. The fact that he is in my house, and that he somehow managed to enter doesn't seem to bother me either. 

Suddenly, a Tyranossaurus Rex appears, and I start running up the stairs, with the dinosaur trying to chase me. Obviously, my house is not big enough to handle a dinosaur trying to chase me up the stairs but this is a dream, so after a long chase, I reach the guest room. I hide in the wall (apparently there is a secret hole there) and wait for the dinosaur to enter the room, while hoping not to be seen. Surprisingly, the dinosaur is a smart ass, and he opens the "hole" in the wall, and gives me the biggest, most friendly smile a dinosaur could give. 

It always ends there, with the adorable dinosaur opening the hole. I have done some research and some say that dreaming with a dinosaur that is chasing you means there is some trouble you're running away from, or that there is something you fear. Could be, but everytime I dream with that dinosaur I wake up with a smile as big as his.

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