Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sausage Pack Dream Update. Can I see the future?

I have been blogging about my dreams for about two weeks, and since then I have gathered a little nice audience, and first of all I wanted to thank you for such a warm welcome, especially since this blog is kind of weird –why lie to myself- and your response has been way better than expected.

Now, enough of cheesiness, if that word even exists. I came here to talk about sausages. If you have been good followers, you might have read the entry about the Slovenian Handball Team. I mentioned some disappointing dream where I found an empty pack of sausages, and I got mad at it.

Well. {Drums, please!} The other day I was too busy drawing Nicolas Cage and forgot to tell you that something happened. My mom normally makes some delicious sausages (the ones in the picture look almost the same as my mom’s, you can find the recipe &original picture –in Spanish- in this awesome website I sometimes use). She makes them in the oven with white wine, always on Saturdays (oh god, how I like them!). This time I came back home at dinner time –spanish dinner time, 22:30- , really tired and not really in the mood for anything else than going to bed. The only thing that had kept me awake was the thought of coming back home to those wonderful sausages. And yes, I’m aware that this sounds childish, but it’s those small details that are able to make my day. To my surprise, there weren’t any sausages. We didn’t buy them that week –I didn’t know this, that’s why I was counting on them-. And yes, I got a bit mad. In the dream there was an empty pack of sausages, which means no sausages. I didn't have any way to know that, since I didn't check the fridge, so was my dream a warning that there weren't sausages left? 

Now…I’m not saying I have superpowers or magic, and even if I had any of them I wouldn’t have been able to develop my potential, since Spain doesn’t have enough money to build a public School of Magic like Hogwarts. But you have to admit it’s a pretty funny coincidence!

So, do you think we can predict future? Have we lived already everything that’s yet to come? Is that where déjà-vus come from? I sometimes like to think that our lifetime is like a video we left loading on Youtube before watching it, and even though we don’t know what’s to come, it’s already determined. Sometimes we accidentally put the mouse on the video’s timeline and get a small preview of the future images. Other times I wonder if we’re just streaming our lives online, and there’s no way we can’t know what will happen.

What do YOU think? Are we streaming or just loading? Or there isn’t any timeline and everything is just a bunch of circumstances brought together randomly as time goes by?


  1. I don't believe we're reliving the past lives, but I'm not sure about destiny or predicting the future. Funnily enough I had a dream the other day that my friend decided he didn't want to travel with me and then a couple of days later he told me he got a promotion i.e. he's not wanting to leave his workplace to travel. Hopefully not all my dreams come true though otherwise I'm going to turn into superman with no road safety skills (I frequently get run over by cars and buses, then get up say it hurt and walk off). I've been to "psychics" before out of curiosity and they told me I need to listen more, that I'm going to design aircraft/ fix them. I rarely come up in psychic's predictions for my family though so I wonder whether some people are harder to predict

    1. No, me neither. Not about past lives, at least.But wouldn't it be cool in some way if we could make some sneak peeks into our future by dreaming? I know that writing about some missing sausages doesn't constitute any kind of scientific argument, but it really surprised me a bit!

      I think your dream is also interesting, it's related to the comment below, where dreams are illusions of what might come, so they're not completely umpredictable, based in subconscious reasoning, though it's kinda funny that your subconscience chose the possibility that actually came true(friend not coming) instead of the others (friend coming, you not being able to travel, etc).

      I think we don't usually dream about other people because our mind can't reproduce how other person would think, we don't know them as good as we know ourselves.

      If you end up designing aircraft, you would maybe have to reconsider your position :)

    2. Well I apparently have a 'very spiky aura' which apparently means I deem everyone as a threat and don't trust them, which is kind of true on the trust part which could explain the idea that my friend wouldn't be coming, maybe my brain subconsciously picks up little things that it could deem a threat. Saying that however people with spiky auras are supposed to hurt those around them which I hope I don't do and if I did I'd get angry with myself

    3. I think the adjective "spiky" that you're using is not the most accurate word. Your aura is just evil, like the imaginary friends in horror movies! Go get some new aura, Jamie!

    4. Yeah I started to and then I found out what it was like so I was like na, I can sleep at home (it involved laying on a bed in a room full of lit candles and relaxing music that nearly put me to sleep while an old lady moved her hands around my body... though not touching of course)

  2. First of all, have you tried using Dreamboard.com to keep a journal of your dreams? It's a pretty neat web app to use.

    Second of all, dreams are actually just illusions of what the future might hold. Some dreams actually do come true in a vague way. Sometimes, its not even accurate at all. Quite a number of us actually do remember these dreams after wake but the deja vu won't happen a few days later (sometimes weeks or months and I'm talking from experience). So dreams aren't really a reliable way to predict the future or determine what's gonna happen next. I wouldn't say, its all a coincidence either. Things happen and our subconscious mind just knows better but sends us small simple, obscure and vague messages of what's gonna happen.

    Thirdly, its no magic but I can't really support what I've said above with any scientific backing. This is what I perceive is true throughout my time as a hobby sleeper. Nowadays, I don't dream as much as I used to (work takes a lot of my imagination and effort to keep track of became a nuisance to me waking up late for work.)

    Lastly, keep dreaming, enjoy those fantasies and mysteries that you experience, its gonna be an awesome journey for you.

    P.S. Don't attempt to lucid dream. Scary experience.

    1. Hey Abdul! First of all, thanks for commenting. Yes, I have my Dreamboard, I really like it :)

      I think you make an important point here that I missed out on, by saying dreams are an illusion of what might come, as projections. I partly agree, but I think not all dreams are related to anything in particular. , too. Truth is, I really enjoy such coincidences or weird happenings such as this one, and I hope one day I will better understand how our minds work, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy them too!

      Thanks a lot for commenting :)